Buddhism (2-2), 仏教

by Masaki

Now, let's look at the structures of a temple.


 Buddhism (2-2),  仏教

A gate is the entrance of a Buddhist temple.


The main hall is the most important place of the temple, where the principal object of worship or a Buddhist statue is dedicated.


Buddhism (2-2),  仏教

The pagoda is regarded as the place where the ashes of Buddha is placed. 


Buddhism (2-2),  仏教

In the long history of Buddhism, the pagoda used to be the most important structure of the temple. But today the main hall is more important than the pagoda.


At the lecture hall of a temple, ceremonies and lectures are held. 


Buddhism (2-2),  仏教


There is also a belfry in the precinct of a temple. On the New Year's Eve, 108 bells are struck. People spend the last night of the year, listening to the bells which release people from 108 worldly sins.

Buddhism (2-2),  仏教


Temple structures are called garan in Japanese. The locations of garan differ from temple to temple.


After Buddhism came into Japan, it developed along with Shinto (Japanese native religion). Both have or have been influenced each other.


Buddhism (2-2),  仏教

Shinto has many kami (god) and Buddhism has many Buddhas.


They have something in common, so they became friendly.


Buddhism (2-2),  仏教

Japanese people believe that the spirits of ancestors come back to the original family during the obon season. Buddhism influences/is influenced by shinto.

Japanese religion is said to be a mixture of Buddhism and shinto


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