Buddhism (1-2), 仏教

by Masaki

Buddhism came into Japan in the 6th century.


The ultimate goal of Buddhism is to attain enlightenment.


Buddhism (1-2), 仏教 

According to the teachings of Buddhism,  people can become a Buddha by reaching enlightenment.  


Both priests and monks train themselves to attain enlightenment.


In this sense, the temple is a training and learning place of Buddhism.


Buddhism (1-2), 仏教

Todaiji in Nara was founded by the government to educate young monks .


Even today, you can have a monk's experience at Eiheiji Temple and Mt. Koya, even if you are not a Buddhist.


 Sutras are the holy teachings of Buddha.  Young monks learned them by  copying a Buddhist scripture (syakyo).  It is popular even today, so you may experience it at temples.

Buddhism (1-2), 仏教


Syaka, the founder of Buddhism, didn't leave any teachings in the written form for his disciples.


After Syaka passed away, it was divided into two groups; academic Buddhism and practical Buddhism.


Buddhism (1-2), 仏教

Academic groups tried to reach enlightenment by studying Buddhism academicaly.


This group is regarded as a kind of other-reliance Buddhism. It was supported by emperors, aristocrats, and ordinary people in ancient times.


On the other hand, practical Buddhism values action and is considered to be self-reliance Buddhism.  It was supported by samurai.

Buddhism (1-2), 仏教




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