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Once I had a small pot of bonsai, but it died soon after I bought it because I didn't know how to take care of it.

The other day, I went to a Bonsai museum and learnt about Bonsai as follows.  

How to appreciate bonsai:

First, stand in front of a bonsai.

Then, bend down and look it up from the lower position.

If you can see it as a huge tree from the bottom, then you can tell it’s a very good bonsai.  



 The things necessary for ranking of Bonsai:

1. The shape of the tree. Evaluate roots, trunk, branches and leaves of the tree.

2. The age of the tree. The older the better.

The oldest Bonsai is about 500 years old. Before it was taken out to become a bonsai, it had existed in the mountain for about 350 years already. Since then, it has been a bonsai for 150 years.  

3. The history of owners. Bonsai is usually handed down from generation to generation in a family.  

The definition of bonsai: Describing natural scenery in a small pot.   

Bonsai is a small cosmos in a pot. By looking at it, you can imagine as if you were seeing natural scenery.  

I've learned about bonsai but I still don't know how to take care of it, so I think I should take bonsai lessons someday.  


Omiya bonsai museum is only one hour from Tokyo by train. You can explore in a peaceful village and visit some bonsai nurseries (gardens and shops).  

I recommend visiting the Bonsai village together with the neighboring towns such as "Town of Dolls” Iwatsuki  and “Little Edo” Kawagoe for a day trip.  


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07 Jul 2015


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(5) Reviews

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