24 Jul 2014

Sakura Oka

Luckily for you and your salads, the goats of this cafe are not allowed to roam freely. It's also kind of sad for them, but at least you don't have to fight for your food (or worry about stepping into things you don't want to step into).

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya ward, Sakuragaokacho, 23-3, Shinoda bldg. 1F

Bleating With Your Eating at the Goat Café
Opening times: Weekdays 8:30-04:00 Saturdays 11:30-04:00 Sundays 11:30-00:00
Telephone no.: +81 (0)3-5728-3242
Price: no price per hour. Expect around 1000 yen for a lunch.


Website (in Japanese): http://www.udagawacafe.com/sakuragaoka/sakuragaoka.html

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