Backstreets in the neighborhood of Ikebukuro

by Hiroyuki

Since 1664

Backstreets in the neighborhood of Ikebukuro

The Ikebukuro district is all hustle and bustle. It is one of three subcenters in Tokyo along with Shinjuku and Shibuya. It attracts about 1 million people a day. However, if you go away a little from Ikebukuro station, you can find quiet places with greenery including cultural one, a cemetery, a famous university, an old temple and so on. A temple in the photo above is Kishibojin Temple. Walking off a main street, through a narrow shopping street, as you reach the approach path to the temple, you feel the atmosphere of old town. Kishibojin has an interesting story, which will be carried on with in my tour. If you are interested in this place, shall we discuss a tour plan? Why don't you join me?

An approach path to the temple 

Backstreets in the neighborhood of Ikebukuro

16 Aug 2017

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As I am a 60 year old man, born in Tokyo, graduated from a university in Tokyo and worked for a leading paper wholesale company at its headquarters for 35 years, I am an Edokko or a native Tokyoite. I am familiar with various interesting places in Tokyo and the Kanto area such as historic spots, scenic beauty, entertainment, restaurants and so on. Although I basically provide several regular walking tours for visitors from abroad, I am willing to arrange your tour plan in a customized way according to your interest. If I receive your inquiry, I am ready to hear your interest and what you want to experience, and discuss your plan with you in advance.
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