26 Aug 2014

Asakusa is another district in Tokyo known for its traditional Japanese atmosphere. Asakusa used to be Tokyo's major entertainment district during the early 90s, but is now transcended by the other dazzling districts in Tokyo such as Shinjuku. 


Asakusa for traditional sightseeing


Sightseeing in Asakusa is a recommendation especially if you are a person fond of exploring traditional sights. Asakusa might also be considered as Kyoto's counterpart in the east due to the overall feel of the place which takes you back to how Japan is in the past century. The number of beautiful temples, shrines, and gates within the district attracts a number of local and foreign tourists alike. Not only that, Asakusa will never be complete without the rows of small shops selling a variety of souvenir items, gifts, and home decorations. Local snack carts are also present within the area, which makes it a very lively place away from the busier streets of the urban districts. 


ASAKUSA: Experience Traditional Japan


The Nakamise-dori (Nakamise Street)


Nakamise is probably the best known area to shop in Asakusa. Nakamise is a straight path that leads to the Senso-ji temple centered by traditional shops lined next to each other. These mini shops sell a variety of traditional Japanese souvenir goods such as paper fans, wooden figures, bags, trinkets, amulets, accessories, decorations, fashion items, and a whole lot more. 


If you get hungry during your little stroll in Nakamise, worry not, because there are snacks which can be bought too. Most of the snacks sold are freshly cooked or baked. It would be a very nice experience to see them for youself and have a bite! 


ASAKUSA: Experience Traditional Japan

Nakamise street in Asakusa. Photo from find-travel.jp


ASAKUSA: Experience Traditional Japan

Photo from cwfoodtravel.blogspot.com


The Senso-ji Temple and other destinations in Asakusa


A popular Buddhist temple in Asakusa that is frequented by tourists is the Senso-ji temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. It can be seen from afar on the other side of the Nakamise street. The big lantern you see on the front side of the temple is known as the Kaminarimon, or literally, the Lightning Gate.


ASAKUSA: Experience Traditional Japan

Kaminarimon. Photo from japantimes.co.jp


Other attractions in Asakusa include the Asakusa Shrine, Denpoin Temple, Chingodo Shrine, Sumida Park, and the Rokku Entertainment District. Local events and festivals also give highlight to the district of Asakusa. One of the famed festivals in Asakusa is the Sanja Matsuri held during the 3rd week of May at the Asakusa Shrine. 





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