14 Jun 2015


Stroll in Asakusa wearing summer Kimono (Click here!)

Asakusa is the most popular spot in Tokyo. It retains the old atmosphere of Edo and culture. It is not only Sensoji temple but also there are various highlights in this area. One of the real attraction in Asakusa is that you will find handmade crafts and craftmanship of artisans. Let's discover traditional and unique Japanese culture with me! Click the blue title and see more details! 




Have you ever seen this creature?  I found it on the way to Kappabashi-Dori street which is known as a kitchen wear street.  This is a Kappa, literary means water imp. It's a kind of traditional Japanese hobgoblin and lives in a river. Kappa has a big shell on his back and a plate filled with water on his head, looks very humorous. His favorite food is cucumber. There are two possible origins that the name of Kappabashi-Dori street came from; the one came from raincoat (It's a homonym, raincoat is called kappa in Japanese as well), the another one came from water imp. Nobody knows the truth. There are several other kappa statues in this area, let's find them and take a picture!



〈Public bath house- Sento〉

It is definitely one of traditional and unique Japanese culture that people enjoy soaking in a same large hot bath with strangers. Public bath houses called Sento became popular among commoners during the Edo period(about 400 years ago), beacause private baths were prohibited to prevent fires. The number of Sento has decreased since 1965, as the number of houses with bath included. However, Sento still exists as a place for refreshing, direct communication with local people and feeling Japanese tradition.Some foreign tourists may feel to be ashamed to do, but it's something very special experience only here in Japan. Why don't you enjoy to relax after taking a long trip of the day.


〈Kimono&Yukata- Japanese traditional clothes〉

Kimono(a formal Japanese traditional attire) or Yukata(a casual cotton kimono) are well suited in Asakusa. Recently, I often see people in beautiful colored Kimono or Yukata in this area. Although Kimono looks gorgeous, it's very expensive and you need techniques to wear Kimono properly. On the other hand, Yukata is a reasonable price and much easier to wear yourself.  There are variety color and design. Yukata is usually worn in summer season because it's made of cotton. You can wear it as relaxing clothes at your home as well.  Many kimono&Yukata shops in Asakusa area. Why don't you get one and take with you?   




Across the way of Kaminarimon gate, There is Asakusa Culture Tourism center where you can get a whole panoramic view of Asakusa as well as Tokyo skytree. It was designed and remodeled by Kengo Kuma, world-famous Japanese architecture in 2012. Bilingual Information stuff welcome you at the first floor and you can get a free map of Asakusa vicinity, here. After getting a map, you should definitely go up to the eight floor. From there you can see the line of green roofed shops of along Nakamise-dori leading Hozomon Gate of Sensoji, and to the left are the five-story pagpda and the main hall. On the side of Sumida river, Tokyo sky tree comes into view. The next gold building is Asahi beer head office.

This view from Asakusa Culture Tourism center is well- worth seeing! 







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