Arts and Crafts

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Kanazawa in known as a city of crafts.  Feudal lords promoted art and craft technique a lot, so we have a lot of traditional art such as gold leaf, lacquerware, and silk dying.

Kaga Temari

Originally, these balls were children’s toys, but now people use them to decorate rooms.  They are supposed to bring good luck.

Arts and Crafts

Maneki Neko

Beckoning cats sit at storefronts and entrances for good luck.  One with its right paw raised brings more money, and one with its left paw raised brings more people.  Some cats are so greedy that they are raising both paws.

Arts and Crafts

Kaga Yuzen

It’s a local silk dyeing art from Kanazawa.  The designs depict flowers, birds and landscapes, using a technique of shading from the outside to the inside.  Compared to kimonos from other cities, it has more realistic motifs such as leaves partly eaten by bugs.  

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