24 Jul 2016

Mt. Koya is well-known to the world as Buddhism holly place attracting many tourists from abroad. The history of Mt. Koya started in 817, when the Emperor Saga permit Monk Kukai to establish a new temple. SInce them, Mt. Koya has been a holly place for Buddists.

However, almost at the same time, another temple was established. Do you know that?

That is Mt Hiei, located in the Northeast. In Japan, the northeast is the worst direction, which is believed that evil spirits come from.

Enryakuji temple whose first monk is Saicho, has been protecting the city of Kyoto since then.

Once four ships headed for China carrying envoyes. Unfortunately, two of them sank on the way. two monks are on board of the rest two. Those are Kukai, the founder of Mt Koya, and Saicho, the founder of Enryakuji temple

Most of the sects of Buddhism in Japan are said to be originated from Enryakuji temple. 

Please enjoy the atmosphere from the pictures below.

Another holly mountain. Mt. HieiAnother holly mountain. Mt. HieiAnother holly mountain. Mt. Hiei


Another holly mountain. Mt. Hiei

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