Ampan - buns with sweet red bean paste (#^.^#)

by Katie - Japan Licensed Guide

Ampan - buns with sweet red bean paste (#^.^#)

An - sweet red bean paste

Pan - bread, buns, rolls

Ampan is quite popular buns in Japan.

Ampan in the photo above look so delicious, don't they ?

I baked them ! (*^^)v Ahaha

Kimuraya which made Ampan first early in Meiji Period (1874) gave their Ampan to the Meiji Emperor as a gift on April 4th.

So now April 4th is called "Ampan Day", but it's not a holiday. (^.^)

You'll find Ampan anywhere like supermarkets, covenience stores, kiosk and so on.

We also have jam buns, custard cream buns, chocolate buns ...

Try some ! (^_-)-☆

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09 Jul 2016


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