Amazing Ushiku Daibutsu and a secret spot of 'Yokaren' Kamikaze special attack museum.

by Yukichi

120m high! The world tallest Image of Budda!Ushiku Daibutsu!

This is really an amaging figure when you find this giant statue from far away.Amazing Ushiku Daibutsu and a secret spot of 'Yokaren' Kamikaze special attack museum.

Do you know 'Kamikaze pilot' or 'Zero fighter'?

 There is another secret spot called 'Yokaren'. That was the training center where  Zero fighter airplane

pilots had been trained until the end of the World war II. This training center had produced many pilots for suicide attack

of 'Kamikaze' during the World war II. The museum of 'Yokaren' is located near this Image of Budda.

If you have any interests about history and are military fan,please request this museum in my tour! 

08 May 2016

National Certified Guide

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