31 Oct 2016

The mithology says,  Shinto dieties created Japan. They landed on Japan using a big ladder connecting the sky heaven and the land. One day, mistakenly, the ladder fell down on the sea.  There was no longer a bridge in between.

That became " Amano Hashidate " , literal meaning is the sky in the brige.

In the samurai period, one of the scholars said Amano hashidate , Miyajima, and Matsushima ( In Miyagi pref.) are the three greatest scnenic places.

Amano Hashidate, viwed from above, it looks like a rising dragon! as below.


Amano Hashidate

And if you see like this.....? It looks like a bridge in the sky

Amano Hashidate


I will tell you on the spot


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