Accommodations in Sado Vol.1 Kaifuso in Seki

by Fujiko

Listen to the ocean...

 This is a small inlet just a minute walk from Kaifuso.

Accommodations in Sado  Vol.1  Kaifuso in Seki

Kaifuso is the one located in the middle of houses with light-gray roof.

You can see Onogame (huge turtle-shaped sole rock) in the distance.

Accommodations in Sado  Vol.1  Kaifuso in Seki  

"..Hi.. uh... I'm Jack...    Welcome to Kaifuso....   Uh, you have any snacks for me??"

He's .. a nice guy, but unlike other dogs,  he is really down-to-earth and rarely wags his tail.

But he likes people!  So when you stay at Kaifuso, please say hello to him, too.

Accommodations in Sado  Vol.1  Kaifuso in Seki

The chef/fisher/local guide worked as a chef cooking French cuisine in Tokyo for years before coming back to Sado.

He usually serves varieties of dishes using freshly caught fish or vegetables in Japanese style, raw, grilled, simmered,

deep fried, etc.


Accommodations in Sado  Vol.1  Kaifuso in Seki

Famous for... curry?

Yes, Kaifuso is also famous for serving this curry, the chef used to cook while he was in Tokyo.

Usually, you are asked to order curry in advance.

Accommodations in Sado  Vol.1  Kaifuso in Seki

Maccha pudding and coffee were also good!

Having  delicious curry and dessert in a guest room which is facing the sea is really relaxing!

Accommodations in Sado  Vol.1  Kaifuso in Seki

The chef and his wife welcome you with a warm smile.  Foreign tourists?  Absolutely!!

Accommodations in Sado  Vol.1  Kaifuso in Seki

While staying here, you can listen to the ocean, sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce,  even blowing winds could be a

lullaby for you...

Sado my tour 




21 Mar 2016

National Certified Guide

(5) Reviews

Contact Fujiko

Hello! My name is Fujiko Maeda. I'm a national-licensed tour guide. I was born in Sado Island, off the coast of Niigata Prefecture. I still have little experience as a tour guide but I once worked in tourism industry for about 10 years when I lived in Tokyo. Now I'm a persimmon farmer but when time permits I'm happy to guide you here in Sado. We have a lot to offer like beautiful nature, historical sites, local specialities, traditional performing arts, festivals, islanders smiles and so on.
If you'd like to know real Japanese lifestyle, please visit Sado.
I'm sure you'll be satisfied.
Let's explore Sado with me!
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