10 Jun 2014

It is located near Kinkakuji temple, which is always crowded with visitors. However, this temple welcomes you with quiet air and its beautiful gardens

This temple is a family temple of Shogun's family, Ashikaga family of Muromachi era stating in 14th century. The wooden statues of 1st shogun to 15th shogun are in the hall. 

A quiet temple with a beautiful garden


Have you ever been to Moss temple? if you have, this garden reminds you of the moss garden. It is because the moss garden and this garden were designed by the same garden designer, Muso Soseki.

However, the garden below has a little different from the above. The 8th shogun, Yoshimasa, built a tea house on the hill of the garden. Along with it, he added stepping stones to this garden and remade it.

A quiet temple with a beautiful garden

Which garden do you like? If you shay away from the crowd of the famous sightseeing spot, how about visiting this quiet place and spend some time here? 

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