A nice cafe near Gifu park

by Akiko - Japan Licensed Guide
A nice cafe near Gifu park
You can find a nice cafe named "Cafe Chat" in front of the bus stop "Gifu koen  rekishi hakubutsukan mae".

You can enjoy tasty coffee and cozy atmosphere in the cafe.

Did you know a unique service called morning service (English word made in Japan) in  many cafes in Gifu prefecture and Aichi prefecture?


Once you order a cup of coffee or tea at a cafe,the cafe serves you free breakfast .  This cafe ' Chat' serves you nice morning service.

A nice cafe near Gifu park

From the window of the cafe, you can see a tranquil Japanese garden.

A nice cafe near Gifu park

This cafe has a Japanese tatami room.

A nice cafe near Gifu park

This is the entrance of Cafe Chat

A nice cafe near Gifu park

I am sure you can enjoy not only coffee or lunch but also a traditional atmosphere of a Japanese style house.

The owners are really kind and cheerful.  They speak English.  How about chatting with them?

I love this cafe:)

From Gifu station to Cafe Chat ,it takes about 15 minutes by bus.  Please get off the bus at Gifu koen rekishi hakubutsukan mae.(Gifu park historical museum)  You can not miss this cafe.  You can walk to Gifu park from there.

In this area, Nagara river, huge statue of Buddha, Gifu castle, Mt. Kinka, some museums and  so on can be  enjoyed.

Please have a nice day in Gifu!

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29 Jan 2019


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