18 Dec 2014

So many locks with so many prayers of so many couples

A new Power Spot in Enoshima Island

That's what you first see when you visit here. Then you'll find there's a bell in the center, which is called Ryuren no Kane, or the Bell of Dragon's Love.

The legend of a five-headed dragon and a sea goddess

A new Power Spot in Enoshima IslandThis bell was built here in 1996 to commemorate the legend of a five-headed dragon who fell in love with a sea goddess who appeared suddenly and made up an island, which is the legendary foundation of Enoshima Island.

Long time ago, the dragon did so many wrongdoings that people were greatly tormented . But after the first sight of the goddess, the dragon amended and finally his proposal was accepted by her.

Today the sea goddess is worshiped as Enoshima Benzaiten and the five-headed dragon is worshiped as Ryukou Myoujin in Koshigoe, Kamakura.

Again, just take a look at them!

A new Power Spot in Enoshima Island

And among the countless number of locks is the one placed by a couple who appeared in a recent film, Hidamari no Kanojo, which made this place even more popular among young couples who wish for eternal love.

A new Power Spot in Enoshima Islandhttps://triplelights.com/japan/tour/kanagawa-by-eri-169

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