A little-known roadside memorial tower (Possible in August & January only)

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 What the tower is all about

 According to the explanation of the Board of Education of a city in Fukuoka prefecture in western Japan, there once was a "ronin", a masterless Samurai, and his wife, who were originally from the neighboring prefecture but g ot settled in the village which is now a part of the city. They made riches through hard work and spent part of their money for the construction of irrigation channels and other facilities for the benefit of the villagers. But, there were those who envied the couple`s wealth. Accordingly, they brutally murdered the good-natured man and woman. Soon afterward, epidemics and fires broke out in that village one after another, which made the villagers to believe the couple`s souls are causing the disasters. So, in 1816, they built a memorial tower, which is now called "Jofukuden-no-hokketo", to console the spirits of the gentle couple. Peace again prevailed in the village. You can imagine how ugly as well as beautiful human hearts are.

How to get to the tower

 Have a look at and read the roadside information board explaining about the memorial tower, then walk on the narrow path leading to the tower which is some two meters high. 


 It may be convenient for you if you have plans to visit other cities in Kyusyu, such as Fukuoka and Nagasaki in January or August, since this tour alone may not match the cost and I can accompany you only in those months when I see my folks in that city, which is my home town. 

Other pleasures

(1) You can have Ramen noodles at stalls in the evening around JR Hakata station. The taste is good, since the noodles are prepared by experienced cooks.

(2) You can visit the Collery Memorial Museum in the neighboring city of Tagawa, where you can see many articles and pictures reminiscent of the lives of colliery wokers in the former period until 1970.

(3) Two of the most prominent souvenirs are "Kuro-daiya (coal)" jelly cake and "Hiyoko (chick)" cake, both of which are also well-known among people in most of this country.

(4) You can see the remains of "Bota-yama" scrap heaps which was formed when the waste produed in the course of coal mining was accumulated.


 The transportation fare between JR Kyoto and Hakata stations on the reserved Shinkansen train seat is 21,350 yen and the local train fare between Hakata and Keisen is 560 yen. The taxi fare will be some 4,000 yen.

Tour of "Jofukuden-no-hokketo" is here. 

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08 Jul 2015


Licensed Guide
(17) Reviews

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