01 Jan 2015

  A lot of Japanese people pay the first visit to shrines and temples to pray for the safety of their family, business success, and good health on the first three days of the year.


Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine

  The most visiting shrine in Osaka is Sumiyoshi Grand shrine.  One of the characteristics is that it consists of 4 buildings from First to Fourth Sanctuaries of the same shape and size, which are all designated as National Treasures.  In the shrine Sumiyoshi odori (dancing) is held.  This dancing was originated from farmers' dancing to get rid of rice insects for a good harvest.

Please refer to Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine and the Largest Tumulus in Japan.

A Happy New Year from Osaka

A Happy New Year from Osaka

Shinsekai and Tennoji Zoo

  I went to Shinsekai by Hankai street car, the oldest street car in existence.  I gave Japanese people a  tour guide.  Actually I am a Japanese tour guide as well as an English tour guide.

  Tennoji Zoo is the 100 th anniversary today, so many people including children visit to enjoy the zoo.  You see Abeno Harukas on the right side, the tallest building in Japan.

Please refer to Temple Town in the South of Osaka.

Thank you.

A Happy New Year from Osaka

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