4 Amazing Transport Museums in Hiroshima

by Luke

From boats and cars, to electric railways, there are four very unique museums in Hiroshima, all with a slight emphasis on transportation. A trip to Hiroshima wouldn't be complete without learning everything there is to know about battleships, before taking a walk around an actual giant submarine:

JMSDF Kure Museum

4 Amazing Transport Museums in Hiroshima

(image by 広島県)

Among the 5 major Japanese Marine Self-Defense Force bases, Kure has a main base that can rival the one in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture in terms of scale and the number of military vessels. The city is also famous for its munitions factory which constructed the battleship Yamato and was renowned for having the world’s best naval engineering at the time. At the Tetsu no Kujira Center, which is just across from the Yamato Museum that focuses on the history of the famed battleship, history that focuses mainly on the JMSDF submarines and minesweepers is introduced.

Guidebook from Planetyze about JMSDF Kure Museum
Tours of JMSDF Kure Museum

Kure Maritime Museum

4 Amazing Transport Museums in Hiroshima

Just a 5-minute walk from Kure Station, the Yamato Museum is located across from the JMSDF Kure Museum. The city of Kure was a naval port in the prewar era, but after the war, it was responsible for the building of many of the world’s largest tankers, and is known as a city that has contributed to the development of Japan as one of the foremost shipbuilding nations in the world. The Yamato Museum introduces all kinds of scientific technology beginning with Kure’s history, shipbuilding and steelmaking while getting in touch with the lifestyle and culture of the time. It is a popular spot that has attracted over 8 million visitors annually.

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Hiroshima Electric Railway

4 Amazing Transport Museums in Hiroshima

(image by 広島県)

There is hardly any waiting time for the trolleys which leave one after the other from the stop in front of JR Hiroshima Station, and in a day, an average of over 150,000 riders travel on Japan’s largest trolley network. Naturally along with travel within the city of Hiroshima, the network also connects with Miyajima-guchi which is the gateway to Miyajima and Hiroshima Port which is the starting point for cruises around the Seto Inland Sea so that the Hiroshima Electric Railway is an important transportation facility when it comes to Hiroshima tourism. In addition with a trolley free pass which will allow you to travel for 1 day as much as you want, it’s also handy to use the Omotenashi (Hospitality) Pass sold at some hotels which offers discounts at tourist facilities and restaurants.

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Tours of Hiroshima Electric Railway

Mazda Museum 

4 Amazing Transport Museums in Hiroshima

(image by マツダ)

When it comes to talking about a Hiroshima corporation, there is Mazda. Especially possessing the high technical prowess in developing the rotary engine, only Mazda has been successful in its mass production in the world. Mazda also maintains Toyo Ohashi Bridge which is crossed on the way to the company. Not open to general traffic, it was the world’s largest bridge owned by one company at the time of its construction in 1965. Inside the museum beyond the entrance hall, there is a museum shop and 5 separate areas through which a regular route will provide guidance and explanation.

Guidebook from Planetyze about Mazda Museum 
Tours of Mazda Museum 

23 Dec 2015

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