3 Beautiful Gardens in Hiroshima

by Luke

If you are planning a trip to Hiroshima, then these three beautiful gardens are definitely worth adding to your itinerary. Flowers, natural landscapes, and moon viewing can be fully enjoyed, along with leisurely strolls and relaxation:


3 Beautiful Gardens in Hiroshima

(image by 広島県)

Hiroshima Prefecture possesses numerous canyons against the backdrop of deep rolling woods, remote valley woodlands and places of scenic beauty within the Seto Inland Sea best symbolized by Miyajima. These scenes have been incorporated within the 6-hectare Sankei-en Garden through Japanese garden techniques. Located beside Hiroshima Airport, the garden is inside Chuo Shinrin Park and is divided into mountain, village and ocean zones. Along with the Flower Festival in early summer and the Maple Festival in autumn, there are also other events taking place all throughout the year such as the Plum Festival in March and the Moon-Viewing Party in September.

Guidebook from Planetyze about Sankei-en
Tours of Sankei-en


3 Beautiful Gardens in Hiroshima

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A strolling garden around a pond is a style that was often seen in the gardens of feudal lords of the Edo Era. The central Takuei Pond is divided into two parts by Kokokyo Bridge, and approximately 10 islands of varying size, mountains, valleys, teahouses, bridges and arbors are artfully arranged. The path that links all these features together provides the way to see the inside of the garden. Walking along a small path will also reveal places such as a bamboo forest, a paddy field, and a tea field. It is as if all of the Japanese landscapes have been shrunken and pressed into a deep space.

Guidebook from Planetyze about Shukkei-en
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Momijidani Park 

3 Beautiful Gardens in Hiroshima

(image by 広島県)

A park that extends along the Momijidani River, it was built in consideration of the landscape as a garden erosion control measure after the area recovered from damage inflicted from a typhoon 70 years ago. The construction was done thanks to the design proposed by local Hiroshima landscape gardeners which took into account the natural environment through measures such as the placement of natural stones that would conceal any concrete put down so as not to damage any of the rocks in the park. The 150-year-old Iwaso Inn also melts into the park’s scenery. It can be reached within 20 minutes’ walk from Miyajima Pier. East of Momijidani Park, there is an area which is known for its many deer known as Yatsugahara Biroku which is one of the 8 Great Views of Itsukishima.

Guidebook from Planetyze about Momijidani Park 
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23 Dec 2015

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