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Licensed guides are professionals approved by the Japan Tourism Agency. They have passed tough examinations and are highly knowledgeable about the history and places that feature in their tours.

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Its more affordable than it seems. Our pricing is often per-tour (not per-person), so if your group is 2 or more people, you'll most probably pay less than if you took a bus tour.

Video presentation from the guides. Easily select the guide you like the most by watching their exclusive profile videos!

Every tour is customizable. Every tour can be customised to your time, needs and preferences! Simply confirm your booking and contact the guide to make the changes. There is no risk and you have free cancellation with a 100% refund guarantee!

Go at your own pace. Take your time for pictures or slow down to see as much as you want. With your private guide your tour is flexible.

Enjoy Japan with a local guide. With intimate access to places off the beaten paths you can have a more in-depth experience not seen on bus tours.

All tours are private. Enjoy a deeper learning experience as your guide will be 100% focused on you and the people traveling with you.

Questions? Talk to a REAL person. We have a superior customer support team who are ready to help you with any questions you may have!

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Customer Reviews

  • Daphne
    The whole family and I had a great experience with Yuriko as our guide for the day on this tour! Everything went really smoothly and I’m glad that we were able to experience many different sights to Tokyo that we have never been to! This is also the first time that we have commuted via public transportation (both the subway and train) on a guided tour and it was a relatively different experience instead of being shuttled everywhere on a tour bus(: Most of all, we are really thankful to Yuriko for going beyond and helping us in our queries that we posed during the tour and she followed up on them even after the tour was over! On the whole, we really enjoyed ourselves and would not hesitate to recommend Yuriko as a great guide and of course, this fantastic tour to take on your trip to Japan(:
  • ekaihatsu
    Makoto spoke perfect English and was so friendly, knew everything about the sites he took me to and the ones I suggested. He had a great plan and was flexible enough that we caught a local summer festival and improvised that event! I was glad we went because it also exposed him to a festival he had not been to before, so we both gained! He was always on time and kept us moving without being the least bit pushy. I'm so glad he made suggestions along the way. He not only taught me about the sights, but also the way Japanese people live and get around. He made my Tokyo stay much more profound for me and much more memorable. I'm glad I met Makoto, my new friend in Tokyo.
  • Gerald
    My family and I arranged a private tour with Saori on our first full day in Tokyo. It was an excellent private tour with a superb guide. We worked with Saori in advance to customize our tour to maximize our viewing of sites of greatest interest to us. We visited the Imperial Palace, Meiji shrine, Akihabara and Asakusa arenas enjoyed a river cruise, another other highlights. Saori is a superb guide with an excellent command of the English language. We highly recommend using Saori for your upcoming visit to Tokyo.
  • David
    Very knowledgeable for his tour location subject, always on time to welcome us every morning. Even we change plan last minut and still give us 100% support. He gave us the best memory of southern Japan. He knew almost every building in down town Osaka. Our family really enjoy hike take us to taste of Kobe beef, special fish dinner. I will recommend to all my friend when they want visit Japan. Personnal tour is not much cost than the big bus tour. Thank you for his service. 2015
  • Erin
    Tomoko was an excellent tour guide! She was extremely knowledgable and accommodating on the tour, and before we even got to that point helped me with online research so I could narrow down what I wanted to do on my tour. She helped me see the things I wanted to and buy what I needed to take home for my hobbies. I never could have gotten my sewing supplies without her! Or the seaweed they make jello with in Japan! So obviously, she caters to a wide variety of interests and knows the area, people, shops, and sights inside and out. Last, she was very kind and made great conversation along the way - it was a great experience. I cannot recommend her enough!
  • Judith
    We did the Nara tour with Tomoko. She was very informative and showed us the highlights of Nara. She made it very interesting and on the train there gave us an insight into Japanese culture - particularly Maiko and Geiko. We had a truly lovely day which included feeding the deer and eating traditional Japanese food. She showed us a typical Japanese house used for tea ceremonies which was amazing and the big Buddha was awe inspiring. On the way back because we were so interested in the Geisha she offered to show us the best places in Gion to spot the Maiko. We were a little early but we hung around and saw 5. A truly brilliant day. Thank you Tomoko!